3 Jan

How to Stop a Car With No Brakes?

Stopping a car with no brakes in an emergent situation is something which all of us have to practise and master. Suppose you are driving your favorite car in a carefree and routine manner and suddenly you realize that the brakes are not working. What will be your state of mind if this horrifying incident occurs with you someday? You will certainly be crestfallen and stupified to see the wildest of your dreams come true. To avoid such an unfortunate situation, you must be well-conversant with what to do to stop your car if there is sudden malfunctioning of the brakes. Here are a few tips for you to make your car stop when brakes have failed:

Stay Composed, Equanimous and Coolminded:

Just don’t lose your cool if you suddenly realize that the brakes have failed. Screaming at the highest pitch and shouting at the top of voice will never work for you. Things will go out of control if you get scared as you may end up doing something stupid in utter desperation to stop the car.

Downshifting the Gears:

In such an awkward situation, you should try to reduce the speed of the car by downshifting the gear. Do remember that gears are to be downshifted not all of a sudden but gradually and slowly as the speed of the car goes down. This may work in both manual and automatic cars. It is indeed a trick that works almost every time it is used.

Press the Brake Repeatedly:

Keep pumping the brake in gradual succession as doing so may make the car come to a halt. There may be some technical problem with the brake and pumping it can, by chance, make the car stop.

Use the Handbrake:

If the speed of the car has reduced or the car is already at low speed, pulling up the handbrake can work for you and the car can stop.

Warn Other Vehicles:

To avoid a collision or an accident, turn on the hazard lights of your car. Keep honking the horn so that other drivers on the road can drive their vehicles aside to make room for you.

Act Cleverly in Such Situation:

If you don’t see your car coming to a halt, you can also reduce its speed and stop it by driving it on sand, on gravel, mud as that will reduce the rotation of the tyres and eventually the car will stop.

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