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Benefits with DhannoCare

  • All On-Roll employee Benefits.
  • EPF Deductions.
  • Healthy Retirement Plan with pention scheme.
  • Health Insurance Upto 2lakh Coverage.
  • Frequent Promotion.
  • Best Performance be must.
  • The people which we employ provides stable jobs with reasonable hours and wages as well. We have the various jobs available for all types of candidates according to their qualification. The selection process is also very simple while it takes minimum time. Our duty hours are also not hectic. Our duty schedule is also flexible, and have many learning opportunities available and the opportunities to grow with the company. We provide training to learn to perform minor stroller repairs and tune-ups. We have Part-time and full-time positions available, 2-5 days per week (includes weekends).
  • If you love cleaning and helping young families, parents, and children, ‘Dhannocare’ wants to meet you. We are hiring for Cleaning Technicians at our new storefront location in the Noida. There are no harmful chemicals used in any of our cleaning services and we can say it proudly that we use eco-friendly cleaning products from professional grade vacuums and steamers. We treat our customers with respect and do not sell with pricing out a home or business.
  • ‘DhannoCare’ is also working on new services to add to our offer. Our customers trust us and request other types of services like minor repairs, paint correction. So we always try to improve our services that we could able to extend our range to this kind of options. So our employees always have opportunities to grow with us. Working with us the most enjoyable part of the job is being able to meet new people and having consistent work.

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  • This is a great place to work been working for months because it is a very good management and friendly people. Working with us is a job because you get outside the office and do something new every day inside and outside. Our employees are always respectful to its customers and others during work and they always travel to a new location.
  • We provide the flexible hours to our employees and commission based pay with lots of incentives and they also have opportunities to earn more money for yourself as long as you’re a hard worker. Because you meet new people and see new places. You do have to be motivated to work here because it is fast-paced. Employees can enjoy with customers for which he works which is always a great benefit.

So, if you like working with people and working at multiple places throughout the day, then working with us is the best for you. You don’t have to work in rainy and snowy conditions. After being there for about a month and you are given a regular route, the freedom is great. It’s commissions based payment and for half of the week.

As an employee working with ‘DhannoCare’, you will probably be satisfied to work. While working here you can learn a great communication skill, that how to perform payroll, collections on accounts receivable, and much more. The most enjoyable part of the job is a feeling of satisfaction that came along when we are responsible for everything running smoothly. So overall, it is a nice place to clean cars inside and outside, also for doing the oil changes for customers who need to get their oil and car fix/repair. A lot of good services and customers satisfy about there cars while our employees do all these things by reaching their doorstep.

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