24 Aug

Best Daily Car Cleaning Car Dry Cleaning and Wash Services at doorstep in Gurugram

Gurugram is often seen making the headlines because of the jam packed roads and its night life. We bet you too must be making the most out of the city life here. Your life in Gurugram is based on your car that drives you through the traffic to reach to your meeting venue or rush through peak hours to reach to your date! Imagining life without a car in this city is impossible. If you are a proud owner of a fancy car that often doubles as your savior then you should be ensuring an appropriate health check up at regular intervals for your Dhanno. After struggling with dust, smoke and pollution all day long your car starts losing its sheen and longevity. The efficiency of the car starts decreasing with neglect. But in today’s time this simple step of car cleaning becomes a humongous task for the millennial.  Although, there is nothing much to worry about the same because
Dhannocare is proficient in dealing with all these problems on a daily basis. They specialise in providing daily car cleaning services at your doorsteps with utmost regard to your schedule and your needs.

It is not a cake walk to get a free window to do anything whilst living a busy life in Gurgaon. You have to miss a few things to attend a few other things but not anymore. Whatever is your schedule now you can get a car wash without much hassle. DhannoCare specialists in providing doorstep car cleaning services. It is India’s first of its kind of service that lets you decide everything while the execution is done by the cleaning team. All you need to do is to take subscribe to their exceptional service and then let them take over. Your car will be well looked after without spending any extra time over it.

If you subscribe to the services of DhannoCare you will see how technology is woven into their execution. They are known to make the best use of technology to keep the customer updated on the daily car cleaning service. The car cleaners record the washing of the car and the real time pictures are sent to the owners to look at. The software database maintains all the record for future reference. The team at DhannoCare swear by the ethical code and provides with a first-rate service every time.

DhannoCare follows an extremely streamlined process to fill all possible loopholes. To ensure a smooth process of daily car cleaning each car is appointed with two expert cleaners. The time slot and day of the cleaning is decided by the customer as per their preferences.DhannoCare promises to look after your car no matter how busy your schedule is. You can even get your car cleaned during the holidays or weekends. Dhannocare believes in maintaining the clean streak despite any holidays.

This unique concept of doorstep daily car cleaning is the brain child of Pravesh K. Pandey. He was able to understand the timing issues of car owners and hence came up with this novel idea that lets you select the car cleaning package and the timing as desired by you. To avail the best daily car cleaning services at your doorstep, you are just required to make an appointment with a DhannoCare executive. The rest is handled by the experts. You can bask in the sun while your car gets a new sheen for you to flaunt. The flexibility of the timings of car wash and the skilled car washers will make you a permanent customer of DhannoCare. Well, there is no point left in pondering anymore. Just pick up the phone and dial 8800967567 to speak to our executive. Your car has waited long enough already.

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