3 Jan

10 Must Have IT Gadgets in Your Car

With the unprecedented advancement in the field of science and information technology, cars have become feature-loaded. A number of gadgets and devices have been invented and developed to make driving a pleasant experience. By installing these devices in your car, you can add to the features and comfort level of your favorite car.

A High Resolution Camera for Surveillance:

Get a High Resolution Camera installed on the dashboard of your Car as it can be very helpful in providing a concrete evidence in the case of an accident, a collision or a theft inside the car. When you have a video recording of everything that happened in front of the car, it will save you from lots of troubles like unnecessary questioning by the police and proof of the damage done to your car, etc. This is a must have gadget these days, given the kind of times we are living in.

Car GPS Tracker for Tracing the Location:

If you allow your kids or your wife to drive your car, this must have gadget will help you know where they have driven the car. This tracker will keep you informed about their location, movement and routes they followed. In case your car gets stolen, you can trace its location in no time. Indeed a worth-buying gadget.

Keep Your Car Clean with a Portable Vacuum Cleaner:

A portable vacuum cleaner is another important gadget required inside the car. You can remove dust particles, pieces of paper, cigarette ash, food particles etc. from the car. It will help you keep your car spick and span. Even hard to reach areas can be thoroughly cleaned with this useful gadget.

A Power Converter USB for Extended Battery life:

This device can be very handy as it will help you get your smartphone charged inside the car. With this must have gadget, you can refill the juice into your laptops, digital cameras, routers, camcorders, etc.

Check the Pressure of Tyres:

The car air foot pump comes in handy to maintain the air pressure of car tyres. If the tyres are unevenly inflated, your wheels may lose their alignment that affects the performance of the car. Not only does it cost you a lot of money, but also puts your life in danger as any untoward incident can happen. With the air foot pump at hand, not only can you check the air pressure of the car tyres, but also fill air in them if required.

Reverse Parking Sensors:

Parking sensors are again a must buy gadget these day as parking a car properly is quite tricky. When you are driving your car backwards, there are chances that some object might be behind the car. There may be an animal or a child that is hidden from your view and you may end up hitting it. To avoid such unpleasant situations, you must have rear parking sensors installed in your car that will always help you park the car or move it backwards without being nervous.

Rear View Camera for Enhanced Safety:

Get a rear view camera installed in your car so that you can get the rear view right in front of your eyes. Just as a camera installed on the dashboard helps you a lot in the case of an accident, theft or any other untoward incident, similarly rear view camera is useful in capturing the activities behind your car. Indeed, a must buy gadget.

Keep Yourself Entertained with Infotainment System:

An infotainment system is also a must have gadget nowdays as it enables you to listen to your favourite songs via bluetooth and helps you reach your destination with the help of GPS. Moreover, you can play videos on it and play FM too. This gadget has become very popular with people all over the world. Car companies are coming up with high-tech multimedia systems installed in the cars so that their cars sell like hot cakes.

Stun Gun for Self-Protection:

Another important gadget that women drivers must have with them is a stun gun. This device is for the sake of defending yourself against any kind of attack by anyone with bad intentions. This gadget has become quite popular due to its usefulness.

Mobile holder for Safer Drive:

Another important gadget is the mobile holder that comes in handy when you have to use the navigation system on your smartphone. You can also listen to your favorite songs and talk to your loved ones by not keep your hands off the steering.

If you have got all these IT gadgets installed in your car, your driving experience will indeed be a pleasant one. Every time you enter your favorite car, the enhanced features will make you delighted and you will definitely enjoy your drive.

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