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Our Cleaner

Vehicle wash business in customer loyalty is the key to a successful car wash operation. In our busy professional life, it is very tough to any person that it can maintain its vehicle all around the clock. We’re the most reliable and up to date source in car washing industry based in Noida where we provide car cleaning service at your door-step. We provide our services every-day from 5 am to 6 pm to all places. We provide our services at nominal charges. We have three categories for your ‘Dhanno’ those are ‘Kalia’, ‘Sambha’ and ‘Gabbar’ where our services start from nominal cost Rs499. Except this, we also provide few services free of cost to our customers those who trust us that’s why we also care about our customers because we consider them as our partners. Our motto has been timely service and best quality at the minimum cost.


The car wash is the need of today which started in the year 1914 and from then it is continued until today. Now it has made the various development of unique technologies for organizer tunnel systems, self-service equipment, and digital solutions for managing car wash businesses as well.


When showing a car, there’s one character which often overlooked is glass. While the glass in your home windows might look the same as the clear material in your car, that’s why where the similarities end. Commercial glass differs from application to application, and there are even different materials which are used in cars windshields and side windows.

About Us
  • * India’s first innovative and organised method delivering daily car cleaning services directly to customer’s doorstep.
  • * We are flexible with timing and parking preferences per our customers.
  • * Well trained technicians team by professional mentor Loaded with Advanced equipment and operating training.
  • * Two DC technician for every single car.
  • * Battery Operated high pressure gun with trained operators.
  • * Completely trained professional with whole car parts and accessories.
  • * Customer comes first for our whole DC team.

‘DhannoCare’ is dedicated to its customers by providing exceptional car cleaning services for car owners across Noida and its surroundings. We are trying to continue our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction by maintaining our focus on our core vision and mission.

‘DhannoCare’ will be the leading provider of car cleaning services by creating a positive impact on the quality of life of the car-owners. The people we employ are best trained. We can help you by saving time and focus on the things which you love and also matter most to you, including your family and friends as well.

Our aim is to recruit individuals who reflect our values and share an enthusiasm to work as a team with one common goal as to provide the best possible experience for both customers and its workers too. We appreciate that how important your time is. Through extensive staff training, we ensure prompt, quality service.

We also offer the better customer support through our website, we provide 24/7 access to our products, information and feedback opportunities through our website dhannocare.com. So, we have eliminated any excuse for a dirty car. Our special package includes interior cleaning of the car as well. We offer the highest quality of your vehicle and an eco-friendly solution which is safe for our community.

‘DhannoCare’ always gets all the dirt off your vehicle. With our high power and underbody wash, dirt cannot hide. We also offer a Rust Inhibitor that protects the critical underside of your vehicle. We use a special tire cleaning method that cleans wheels and shines tires. So with this process, dirt and road grime can be removed easily. Our motto is simple that ‘If you are not happy we’re also not happy.’


Daily car cleaning increase the life of the upholstery, carpets, seat covers and other interiors of the car.

Everyday Real-time Tracking

Our software stored everyday realtime picture once your Dhanno being cleaned.

Reliable delivery schedule

Flexible time slots & day are allotted to each vehicle. More than one cleaner assign to each car.

Round the clock service

Our support team attends customer at any time of the day, and even on weekends and holidays.

DhannoCare – Assign Trusted Professional Cleaner for Your Car

DhannoCare had made an innovative idea by providing professional car cleaning services to the people in Noida at home itself. So people of Noida need not worry about taking their car to car servicing point. DhannoCare is saying that they are single phone call away. Usually people need their car to be handled carefully which can only done by professionals. DhannoCare made sure that the best people with high technicalities were engaged to take care of cars. DhannoCare have an online record of all the cars that they have taken for maintenance. So, that they will always have a look on your car and will intimate you about the frequency of servicing needed and needs of the car. DhannoCare is offering the best services at doorstep. They say that they use specialized tools and techniques while cleaning the car. People of DhannoCare says that they are giving the first priority to customer satisfaction. So, DhannoCare is taking care of even the smallest detail.

The company assures that it hires only the people with the highest technical knowledge and mostly the trained and trusted ones. The hired people will not be directly connected to customers, they were trained by professional trainers for a period of 30 days, exposing their exact professionalism. Once the training is done the hired will be allocated with independent work.

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