23 Oct

Driving in Fog: 10 safe driving tips you need to know

Driving in Fog: 10 safe driving tips you need to know

One of the things that take away the fun from a driving adventure is fog. Fog occurs when little moisture particles are suspended in the air. These particles can become so much that it is difficult to see. The situation can be mild, but sometimes it can be so horrible and unsafe for driving.

If you ever find yourself driving in the fog, here are ten driving tips that might save your life.

  • Do not use the tail light of the vehicle ahead of you as a guide: In a foggy environment, it is dangerous to rely on the light of the car before you as the guide for your driving.
  • Hit brake slowly: Don’t hit the brake down at once. When you do so, you might constitute a danger for the car right behind you
  • Keep some distance between your car and the one in front: Ensure that there is a good amount of distance between your car and the one directly in front. This ensures that any moment you make will not affect the car and you have enough space for the light of your car to reflect. This will ease your onward movement.
  • Do not overtake: A foggy environment is not good for overtaking other cars. As a result of the impeded vision at the moment, you don’t see what is in front or beside the car in front of you. Attempting an overtake might be dangerous.
  • Reduce your speed: It is suicidal to drive fast in the midst of fog. It might result in many unwanted circumstances.
  • Pull to the side of the road: If the fog is too much and your vision is impeded, it might be safe to pull out of the road. IF you do so, ensure you pull out very far to the side to avoid collision with other cars.
  • Stay on your lane: It might be very risky. The best thing to do in a fog is to remain on your lane. Don’t try to cross over to another lane.
  • Revert from a high beam light to a low beam light
  • Follow the right side of the road
  • Look out for those animals: Some domestic animals are attracted to fog. Some of them might be hiding just beside or before your care. You might want to look out for them.

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