Doorstep daily dry car wash & car cleaning service in Greater Noida
23 Aug

Doorstep daily dry car wash & car cleaning service in Greater Noida

If you are living in Greater Noida then you must be enjoying your weekends driving to the places with beautiful sceneries. But when you are racing to these destinations to unwind your car is being dragged into dirt, mud and pollution. You break your monotony by going on a vacation, but your car is accompanying you daily to your work places and also to fun places. Your constant companion needs some love and care too. You just need to fix an appointment with DhannoCare cleaners who will take care of the rest. Our vehicles need daily cleaning to ensure the efficiency and mileage. Travelling in a dirty car is not only risky but unhealthy for the travelers. The food stains, molds, and fungus infested carpets can lead to chest infections and other diseases. A wise man will never take that risk, but rather book an appointment with the experts to handle the situation.

DhannoCare offers a range of packages to suit the needs of all kinds of buyers. You just need to select the best package and take a back seat; DhannoCare cleaners will handle it from here. The city of Greater Noida has a premium location, thereby making it imperative for the car owners to maintain an appropriately functioning car. DhannoCare is one of its kind of doorstep car cleaning services in India. The only wise decision is to enjoy the benefits of the services on offer.

DhannoCare uses the latest technology to record the real time washing of the car. You can log in to your account and review the service being provided to you. The management is always happy to receive a feedback from the customers and are quick to act on them. The database acts as a tracker for the company and the client alike. DhannoCare, since its inception has had 100% retention. This news should not come as a shocker given the premium service provided by the brand.

DhannoCare has a lot more to offer when it comes to car cleaning services. They ensure a streamlined cleaning process without any loopholes. Each car is assigned with two professional cleaners to avoid any gaffe. You can take your pick while deciding the day and the timing for your cleaning appointment. This facility ensures that the car is cleaned no matter how strict your schedule is. The support team at DhannoCare priorities the customer’s preference over the weekends or any other holiday.

In Greater Noida have found a respite in the services of DhannoCare. Today, despite their strict schedule they are able to get the cars cleaned at their very doorsteps at the time most convenient to them. Since, DhannoCare provides service even on holidays and weekends, you have a freedom to choose from multiple slots that suits your needs. It is easy to get an appointment and even easier to watch your car getting pampered. Do not waste much time pondering over. Just reach out to DhannoCare and get an appointment for your daily car cleaning service today! In order to make an appointment please call on 8800967567.

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