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21 Aug

Daily doorstep dry car cleaning & Car wash service in New Delhi,Noida

A car is not just a car; it is your companion in the middle of the night, on the long route trips, and even when you are struck in heavy rains in a traffic jam. Therefore, it becomes imperative for the owner to pamper their cars in an appropriate manner to maintain their longevity and efficiency. It still becomes a difficult task to clean the cars on a daily basis because of the tiring and busy work schedule which results in a dirty and a dusty car. If ignored, the stubborn nicotine stains and dirt patches, and the fungus infected carpet might give rise to unpleasant odour and an unhealthy environment inside the car. But why would you take a risk when DhannoCare is just an appointment away.

DhannoCare provides you with daily car cleaning at your doorsteps. You have an option to pick up the most suited car cleaning packages as per your requirements. DhannoCare is India’s primary ground-breaking and organised method delivering daily car cleaning services directly at your door steps. In the midst of the lanes of delhi you get the finest services available at your door, completely hassle free. Just become a proud member and enjoy the services at your doorsteps. The experts will leave no stone upturned to give you an exceptional service.

DhannoCare has been successful in using the latest technology to ensure that the customers get the real time update on how their Dhanno is being pampered by the service staff. The software database stores all the pictures of the car after it has been cleaned. You can browse through the database while enjoying the skyline of New Delhi. The confidence of the customers in DhannoCare speaks for the finesse of the service provided by them. The hundred percent customer retention rate of dhannocare is their most cherished medallion.

Do you want more? Well dhannocare has a lot more in the store for you. For a smooth door step cleaning service more than one cleaner is appointed to each car. The time slots and days are flexible for the cleaning appointment. You can select the time as per your schedule. This facility ensures that the car is cleaned no matter how strict your schedule is. The support team at Dhannoacre prioritise the customer’s preference over the weekends or any other holiday. Your car gets a wash whenever you want, despite it being a Sunday!

This novel concept came into existence because of the hectic timetable of the people that eventually lead them to ignore the health of their cars.  Morning starts early and the nights tend to end up pretty late, leaving only a small window to get the car washed and maintained. Since, DhannoCare provides with round the clock service it is now a reality to have a spotless car at all times, even in the dreadful rains of New Delhi. Hurry! Pick up the phone and book your slot now! In order to make an appointment please call on 8800967567.

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